To all of our customers, 

Kenneth here from the Cozy Building Blocks team. First, if you ordered anything in the past month, your orders have been shipped out from our warehouses in Asia, US, or Europe depending on the product you purchased. You will be receiving your packages and products; however, due to our site being down, we aren't able to send you the tracking numbers that were sent through Shopify (our website hosting platform).

We are terribly sorry to say that we are still working with the Shopify support team to help bring back our site after it went down a few days ago. We wish we knew when they can help us get it back up, but the progress to get it back has been long waited days with no response from their support team. 

You have our email, and we will do our best to get your products to you ASAP and our site back up.

Thank you for your patience as we never wanted anyone to experience our small business like this! 


Kenneth and team